We have had so many thoughtful comments from you over the past few weeks about our open letter and the changes needed for the National Energy Board. Here they are!

We need it studied under proper rules and a proper board.

The NEB is stacked with people with one agenda, oil and pipelines. They are the reason I supported the Liberals in the last election. Decisions need to be made based on sound economic, scientific and and environmental criterion. The present system is flawed and needs to be corrected. I urge you to do so before any final decisions are made regarding bitumen pipelines.
We need a National Energy Board that is charged with deliberating “The Whole” of energy projects. Climate change is real and we cannot just ignore the effects of the energy projects that fossil fuel companies want to develop and ignore the climate genocide we are creating for future generations.

A fair and effective review system is essential to protect our people, land and economy.
My company was created to provide solutions with consulting and installation of charging infrastructure services and employs a growing number of electricians and high-skilled workers.In the burgeoning electric vehicle and infrastructure industries, we rely mostly on clean, hydro energy in Canada with an increase in renewables. This also supports our own domestic energy, boosts our local jobs and economies (including car manufacturing sector), and saves Canadian drivers and fleets money over time. Given the largest sector of emissions is transportation, shifting drivers away from conventional internal combustion vehicles to plug-in electric and hybrids will greatly reduce our collective and individual emissions.We need to aggressively harness this technology by boosting greater adoption across Canada and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels with its infrastructure. Increasing demand and supply for renewables and electric transportation will help to discourage increases in our GHG emissions associated to climate change, improve our urban air quality and associated health care costs while eliminating the need for more pipelines, tankers, rail with associated accidents and spills. It\’s a win all around for greater electrification in transportation and pipelines like Trans Mountain will only deter the growth in more promising economic sectors and discourage greater infrastructure investments in renewables.Please consider this decision carefully as the legacy of more pipelines, tankers and emissions will not benefit us now or in the near to distant future nearly as much as investments in renewables and electric transportation.
It is best to halt a process that does not meet the needs desired of it, than try to keep using the process and “hope” for the best. Please stop the current Trans Mountain Expansion review.
The manifest shortcomings of the NEB review of Kinder Morgan’s application to treble the capacity of its Lloyminster-Burnaby pipes has just received the kiss of death — the BC Government doesn’t support the project.
I have absolutely no faith in the NEB as it is. First, fix it. Then back to the drawing board for KM.
We encourage PM Trudeau to have a proper process in place so that a project of this magnitude does not slip through on a technicality.
I agree with the points made in this letter.
The NEB reform process is crucial in light of the Enbridge TMX project. At the very least, a reformed timeline from your office would be wonderful.
I fully support the desire to get the process right. And considering that a clear articulation of what is not yet right already exists, we would not be starting from a position of “square one”; the methods for drastically improving decision-making are at hand. So let’s please not grandfather a flawed process for the sake of seeking a dangerous and false short cut.

To echo Ansel Adams, I find it incredible that we have to fight our own government in order to protect our environment.  Hopefully, you will change that Prime Minister  Trudeau.

Every review needs to look at GHG emissions.

We believe strongly in a diversified economy that serves all Canadians, without putting at risk the natural environment, which is such a strong part of Canada’s national heritage. We also respect the importance of due process in the regulation of energy projects and believe the NEB process is inherently flawed and must be reformed before a full and fair review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion project can be undertaken. We urge you to review CRED’s open letter, and to follow its recommendations.
This is a crucial issue that will affect generations to come. Let’s not saddle them with a  bleak future. This must be handled with long term thinking to benefit our country and our people in the long term.

This is a crucial issue. Pipelines are bad business when clean tech and other surging technologies have so much more potential.

I support CRED’s letter . Tourism including the conference trade,cruise ships,recreation actives,skiing,mountain biking  will bring more revenue  for BC than the  unnecessary shipment of  bitumen

This is a brilliantly crafted letter which should strike a chord with the PM.  The BC Government’s announcement this morning can’t hurt.  I strongly support your letter.  I will also write to the PM separately with a focus on the bogus appointment of Kinder Morgan’s Stephen Kelly to the NEB on the eve of the election call.  The temporarily derailment of the NEB’s process in their to cover over the apprehension of bias that attended that appointment reinforces the need to overhaul the NEB process to sharpen their environmental assessment and to ensure a fair process that considers the full scope of public risks.
Add reference for “A poll released in December suggests that 68% of the province’s residents want the NEB’s review of the TMX be halted.
Thank you Prime Minister Trudeau for your dedication to ensuring the NEB maintains a fair and open process.
From the “planet health” strategic perspective (that’s planet Earth we are talking about) Canada shouldn’t be making massive investments to increase the exploitation and use of fossil fuels.
From a business perspective any new oil pipeline could become a stranded asset before it has even returned 50% of its cost. Framing it as jobs for the masses is dishonest. Why invest billions in a sunset industry?
One thing I didn’t see was that the current NEB review does not factor in the GHG and climate change implications of the Transmountain pipeline. Climate issues are only mentioned obliquely, in reference to COP 21 in Paris. It might be worth asking for mention that a robust assessment of an energy export project should include an assessment of all environmental issues, including upstream and end use GHG emissions of commodities that would be transported.

There is so much we need to do to start to close the gap created by the previous government in forward thinking energy, to move us away from the desperate dependence on oils and gasses, and support and develop sustainable sources. Canada should be well ahead by now, instead we are way behind and we need to afford primacy to natural energy ending the era of  denial.
The great thing about sustainable power is that no one will find a need to go to war to get it, it will be there for everyone even in the most poor and remote parts of the world.
The NEB hearings on the Trans Mountain pipeline have been compromised by procedurally unfair decisions to date, and the hearing process cannot be rehabilitated without going back to the beginning. In fact, several interveners have already quit because of the Board’s unusually biased , such as not permitting cross-examination. Without even the semblance of fairness in these hearings, Kinder Morgan’s unchallenged evidence is virtually worthless.
I do not live in Canada…but I am in favor of stopping projects that have negative effects on your local economy and deleterious effects on the health of our planet.

So many resource issues need the services of a competent NEB – please appoint one soon.

Show this country that you care about Canada and bring back the navigatable waters act too
dear mr trudeau, I am SOOOOO grateful that you are our new Prime Minister and am already very impressed with the work you have done so far! At 48yrs old, I’m a 22 yr resident of BC. I live in Tofino. No one in my town wants the pipeline. Our ecosystem is already out of balance due to industry and to add this chaos into our waters is madness. I would love to see all the money that’s been supporting the oil industry and its cronies be forwarded to renewable energy sources..water energy, wind turbines and solar so that our country can move forward in a more self sustaining way. As far as the NEB goes, I believe it needs a complete overhaul of its members. NO ONE should have any past or current connection to the oil industry or LNG. It is a serious conflict of interest and does NOT support the review process in an honest way. And frankly, NO ONE trusts Christy Clark on these issues, or any other for that matter. Please revamp the NEB before making any further reviews or decisions. I also strongly believe that any further premiers must also NOT have any previous employment or strong personal affiliation with any industry in order to even be allowed to run for office or a position that supports the people. Too much risk for corruption. Thank you for listening

The NEB is a sham and has been called that by a couple of members who resigned from the NEB. It was set up by Harper to rubber stamp his pet project. The people of greater Vancouver do not support the transportation of bitumen through The lower mainland. It is too risky to or delicate environment.
This Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion makes no sense and needs to be stopped.  NOW.  British Columbia should not have to risk our coast for the greed of Big Oil Companies.  We need to divert from the future that Stephen Harper saw for this country.  Mr Trudeau we elected you to change Canada for the better.  We did not vote for someone who would pursue the same plans that Stephen Harper put in place.
I support this letter.

It is essential that we have a fair and transparent process in place before making decisions that will affect our and our grandchildren’s environment.  The NEB must be credible.  The decisions it makes have to be based on science and what the whole picture looks like now and in the future.  The commitment to transform the NEB is one that is crucial and it needs to be fulfilled soonest.

 As your government removes the muzzles from our scientists, please re-establish the role of scientific information in key energy management decisions.
unacceptable risk

The country has lost faith in the credibility of the National Energy Board.  Please prioritize the restructuring of the NEB to ensure that evidence based science, ethical Board members, community values, consideration of alternative processes and common sense prevail.

The newly elected Government of Canada has taken on huge challenges to bring Canada back to the values that Canadians treasure.

Congratulations and best wishes.

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