The Trans Mountain expansion proposal

The expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, if it goes ahead, would be a significant piece of development project that would influence the region’s economic development path for at least the next 40 years.

Now is the time – while approval of the project is still under consideration – to ask the tough questions. What would it mean for the people and businesses on Canada’s west coast if Vancouver became a major oil exporting port? What would the impact be on Vancouver’s reputation as one of greenest cities in the world? How would this development impact other key sectors such as film and TV, high tech, real estate and agriculture? These are questions that don’t even address the concerns of tanker or pipeline spills.

CRED believes a robust conversation is necessary around the risks and trade-offs that go along with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. As businesses, employers, employees and everyday citizens, we need to be able to play an active role in deciding whether such an expansion should be allowed to move forward.

Submitted Documents to National Energy Board 

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CRED Letter of Comment (August 2015)




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How do pipeline spills impact property values? (December 2013)





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