British Columbia is often celebrated as an early leader in climate solutions, largely due to the successful carbon tax implemented in 2008. Premier Clark has even touted that she’d welcome other provinces taking some very specific lessons from British Columbia’s (carbon tax) approach. Yes the province was an early leader, but we’ve done little to build on that first ground breaking initiative eight years ago, and our GHG’s are increasing. If BC is to remain a trailblazer, it needs to continue to take action.

CRED has signed on to a letter written by Board of Change, Clean Energy BC, Climate Smart, the Pembina Institute and Clean Energy Canada to show support for implementing an incremental increase to carbon tax. BC is in a consultation phase of developing a Climate Leadership Plan, so now is the time to let Premiere Clark know that the business community supports more climate action.

As a component the Climate Leadership Plan process, an appointed advisory panel reviewed the province’s current climate action, and in November it recommended that the carbon tax be increased by $10 per tonne, yearly, beginning July 2018. With a show of support from the business community, we hope that this recommendation will be adopted.

Please consider signing on to the letter and register support for a stronger carbon tax in BC. You can find more info at Pembina’s website


Image: Solar panels on top of Dawson Creek City Hall. Photo: David Dodge, Green Energy Futures.

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