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CredConvo tech breakout group

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Our first Credible Conversations forum was held May 29th in Vancouver. Over 100 business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, First Nations representatives and BC residents came together to discuss the economic risks of pipeline expansion and explore how to build a more diversified economy on the west coast. 

*These are rough notes from the break-out sessions and are not meant to convey the opinions of all CRED members, or even all participants in the break-out group.

How could a new oil pipeline affect the tech, digital and creative industries?

Costs / risks:

  • Environmental damage
  • Brand risk to Vancouver
  • In general, not enough is known on the risks to tech/film

Information needed:

  • Need reputable, accessible information available through a central resource
  • Need a clear outline of the risks
  • Case studies, surveys
  • More understanding of the alternatives / solutions
  • Solution-focused, with outline of clear actions to take
  • Look to industry to take a position
  • Key spokespeople
  • Information for parents: what are the risks to children?
  • Need tools: advocacy, outreach, socialization

Where are the opportunities to support this sector?

  • Education
  • Ride-share programs, electing to go car-free
  • Platforms for easy communication sharing that supports more low-carbon lifestyles
  • Crowd-funding opportunities for start-ups
  • Creative solutions
  • Online training platforms
  • Opportunities for online conversations that bring more people into the discussion and maintain it beyond events like this