We love and value Canada’s west coast for its creativity, innovation, quality of life and unparalleled natural beauty. This is why we live, work and own businesses here.

Our vision is for a prosperous and thriving west coast economy that safeguards our long-term wealth, the health of local communities, the natural beauty of the region and our “beautiful BC” brand. To us, this is true responsible development.

Through research and events, we hope to spur conversation about our long-term economic vision for the region – a dialogue that includes a wide range of industries. Where do we see the best opportunities for long-term employment and business development? How can we protect our brand assets – our beautiful coastline and snow-capped mountains, high standard of living and vibrant cultural traditions? What trade-offs are we willing to accept to create new jobs and grow our wealth? What risks are we unwilling to take?

As we gather input from the business, professional and academic communities, we hope to determine common priorities for responsible economic development. This is what we plan to share with you here.

Some issues we’re exploring:

Trans Mountain Pipeline proposal

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