Conversations for Responsible Economic Development (CRED) is a collection of professionals and business leaders from the tourism, real estate, tech, health, creative and other service-based sectors who are committed to participating in informed dialogue about long-term prosperity on Canada’s west coast.

Our mission is to protect our regional economy from threats to long-term development and promote industries that build on BC’s creativity, innovation and natural beauty. We believe there is a need for more conversations about the types of energy and resource development and transportation that are compatible with this vision.

Our current focus on is uncovering and sharing full information about the economic risks of Kinder Morgan’s proposed new Trans Mountain pipeline, which would run through the most populous part of BC and significantly increase the amount of tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet.

Through independent research about the potential impacts on businesses, property values and the local economy, we hope to contribute to a dialogue about the project’s costs, benefits and true economics. We invite everyone to participate in the conversation to ensure we are getting all of the facts.